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This Week's Sermon: John 5:1-9
Can You Hear "The Voice?"
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It is the heart of Little League season, those spring days when children get their first experience of playing on a team, of learning about the rules of play, and of listening to and heeding their coach. Do you remember that first voice spoken into your ear as you stood at home plate, gripping the bat like a     lifeline,    waiting     for
that first pitch?
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Unlike the actual game, when coaches call out from the sidelines, in a baseball batting practice the coach is right behind the Little Leaguer — squaring their shoulders, positioning the bat, adjusting their grip, evening out their elbows, speaking instructions every step of the way. Chances are if you still play ball you still hear the echo of that first coaching voice in your head…

Elbows down.
Bat back to your ear.
Keep your eye on the ball.

Some voices stay with us forever. What voices have spoken into your life? Can you still hear them?

There are voices of encouragement that urge us to keep trying, keep working, keep doing what we know is right.

There are also those voices we hear that accuse us of not being good enough, of being a failure, of not deserving anything better than what we're getting.

The voices we listen to in our heart and soul can strengthen us or shatter us, push us forward or pull us down. The power of the Voice we ultimately answer to can determine the destiny and direction of our life.

In today's gospel text from John, it is the power and authority of Jesus' voice that transforms the life of one man......for more of this sermon and numerous illustrations for this text click below.

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